Why Industrial?

Industrial Staffing Services Inc. strives to be a trusted partner to our candidates, employees, and clients. Whatever your specific needs and goals may be, ISSI is a reliable solution and a unique and sharable total information hub.

Our clients fill the spectrum, from single practitioner offices, warehouse environments, to global technology conglomerates as well as everything in between. The only thing they have in common is that they all turn to INDUSTRIAL for their staffing needs.

Whether you need a temporary worker to fill in for an employee on temporary leave, staff an entire team, or you need to outsource the payroll and human resources functions for a special project or your entire organization, we can tailor a program that can met your needs and exceed your expectations of what a staffing agency can do.

We are organized and designed to provide our clients with experienced, specialized Staffing Teams, ready to go to work for you to fill your job requirements. Each team is expert in its area, and cross linked with the others to provide flexible and rapid response coverage no matter if you are looking to fill one position or set up an entire working unit.

At ISSI we have an in-house payroll and billing process which provides unmatched flexibility for our clients and candidates. This works hand in hand with our comprehensive benefits program, our rapid payment options, and our billing schedules. With an internationally renowned staffing program for clients of all sizes and a unique, state of the art proprietary payroll service program we are able to offer a complete solution.

A good organization can fill a niche. A great organization grows and evolves. We like to think of INDUSTRIAL as that great organization; one that partners with our clients to create solutions to their problems, and works hand in hand with them to deliver beyond expectations.